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Experience the power of a supportive community, personalized mentorship, strategic guidance, and bespoke done-for-you digital marketing services—all crafted to accelerate your business journey.

Cut through the noise

Are you tired of the vague advice and wasted time trying to grow your coaching or service-based business? Do you want more than being just another number in large coaching programs with no personalized support?

Yup, we've been there too. Let's cut through the noise and build your business in a way that works for you. Join us in the Harmony Business Suite, where personalized support, strategic guidance, and real results await.

Harmony Business Suite, is your all-in-one solution for holistic business growth. Experience the simplicity of starting and building your business, and attracting your first (or next) 1-3 clients. No more graphic design headaches, complex tech, and generic marketing strategies. Let's make your business journey harmonious and prosperous!

Inside Harmony Business Suite, You'll Experience:

High-touch mentorship and coaching.

Professional Done-For-You digital marketing services (no more hours wasted playing in Canva đź‘€) so you can focus on the actual stuff that will attract your dream clients and grow your business effortlessly.

Harmony Business Suite is Perfect for You If:

  • You're an early stage coach or online service provider, trying to navigate the intricacies of business models and strategies, uncertain about the right path for you.
  • You've been caught in the “visibility” shuffle, juggling multiple platforms, hoping and posting, and chasing people in the DMs, yet finding it difficult to attract the clients you desire.
  • Your hours are consumed by busy work like crafting “perfect” templates and graphics instead of focusing on clear tasks to genuinely attract clients.
  • Previous course or program investments have left you yearning for more support and accountability.
  • Perhaps you've secured a few clients sporadically but are now committed to taking your business to the next level.
  • You crave a straightforward, stress-free way to consistently receive the support you need for the continuous growth of your business.

Why Harmony Business Suite Stands Out

  • Flexible. Enjoy the freedom of a monthly subscription—pause, start, or cancel at your convenience.
  • Intimate. Experience close-knit 1:1 and group mentorship sessions, crafting your unique offer, and refining your marketing and sales strategy.
  • Laser-Focused. Bid farewell to the role of a graphic designer or web developer - our seasoned team is here to handle it all for you.
  • Quicker Results. Benefit from continuous support, ensuring faster results without getting entangled in non-revenue-generating tasks.
  • Cost-Efficient. Harmony Business Suite not only propels your business forward but also gives you more bang for your investment by eliminating the need for additional coaching programs, graphic design tools, or hiring external professionals. Our all-in-one suite ensures a streamlined and budget-friendly approach to your business growth.

Your Exclusive Harmony Business Suite Package

  • 90-Minute Harmony Onboarding Call. Dive deep into your business goals, bring your vision to life, and lay the foundation for success.
  • Private Telegram Community. Forge connections and seek support between coaching calls in our exclusive community.
  • Direct Feedback on Business Operations. Receive personalized guidance on strategy, content, marketing, and offers to refine your business structure.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call. Engage in insightful group sessions to gain collective wisdom and insights.
  • Initial Branding Kit. Establish a standout brand identity from the start.
  • Three 60-Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls/Month. Get private support when and how you need it to for accountability and address your unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Social Media Template Bundle (FB & IG). Receive 5 square posts and 5 story templates monthly for a consistent and polished online presence.
  • 10 Personalized Content Ideas/Month. Spark creativity with curated content ideas to resonate with your audience.
  • Website Maintenance (10 Minor Changes/Month). Keep your online space dynamic with regular updates to content, images, and more.
  • 3 Branded Email Templates/Month. Craft professional and engaging email communications with our customizable templates.
  • One Branded Digital Asset/Month. Choose from options like an e-book, PDF, simple digital flyer, or presentation template (up to 10 pages).
  • Discounts on Future Products and Services. Enjoy exclusive savings on upcoming offerings to support your ongoing business journey.

Invest in Your Success

Effortlessly attract dream clients, elevate your business, and leave behind lead-chasing and marketing hacks. Get more impact, income, and harmony with Harmony Business Suite.

Join us for only $Amount/month, pause, restart or cancel anytime. Sign-up now to receive a beautifully designed text-based logo and access to our powerful online visibility course - JUMP.

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